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Five Fun Reception Ideas

September 19, 2012

Most of your wedding guests will have attended many wedding receptions in the past. If you want your special day to stand out, you will need to incorporate fun reception ideas that will make it memorable to your guests. Below are a few ideas to consider.

Wedding Ring Hunt

If you have children at your reception, you will want to find ways to keep them entertained. One fun idea is to have a wedding ring hunt. This activity is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, but instead of eggs, they will be searching for large, plastic rings. The child who finds the most can win a small prize.

Bouquet Giveaway

Most brides simply toss the bouquet to a group of single women. If you want a way to give away the bouquet that is both unique and does not call to attention all of your single friends, consider a different take on this tradition.

One bride gave her bouquet to the guest who had been married the longest. Another gave it to the woman who had traveled the longest distance to attend her wedding. One bride even made a game of it and selected a few couples to imitate the feeding each other cake tradition. The bridesmaids then voted on which couple did it in the most romantic manner and that couple received the bouquet.

Video Montage

Many couples show a video montage at their reception. They include pictures of the bride and groom through the years while sappy music plays in the background. While that is a nice idea, why not try something just a bit different?

Make a video montage of the wedding planning process. Include bloopers from the rehearsal, all stages of the event including the engagement, searching for Orange County reception locations, the reaction of your wedding party when you asked them to be part of your big day and anything else you can think to include.

Of course, this is a big project, so it is best to assign the task of shooting and editing the video to someone who is close enough to you that they will be present during many of the important moments and who also is somewhat skilled in this area.

Groom’s Cake

The inclusion of a groom’s cake is not so unusual. What can make this a fun addition to your reception is the type of groom’s cake that you choose. Think of something that highlights the groom’s personality or that is specific to a hobby that he loves.

One bride had her groom’s classic car recreated in cake and icing. Another had the baker create a blackjack table complete with little fondant cards.

The presentation of this cake is as important as the cake itself. If possible, keep it a surprise from the groom until the moment it is wheeled out. Instead of the just having the cake off in a corner, get everyone’s attention for the big reveal.

Photo Opportunity

In addition to your wedding photographer, consider hiring another photographer just to take portraits of your guests. Most wedding guests will be quite dressed up for the occasion, and this will allow any who wish to have a family portrait made.

Many Orange County reception locations will offer a beautiful, natural backdrop for the portraits. Every time they look at their photo, they will remember your wedding.

There are many ways to make your reception fun and unique. Use the above ideas to get started in looking for your own special touches to add to your special day.