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Buying the Engagement Ring: It’s Not All Diamonds & Gold

September 25, 2012

Rule #3 for Buying the Engagement Ring: Choosing the Metal and Stone

Though diamonds and gold are the traditional go-to engagement stone/metal combination, there are so many other options out there it can be a bit overwhelming. First, you can choose either white or yellow gold. However, there is also green gold, rose gold, or even black gold. And if gold isn’t your thing, you can choose from platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, copper alloys, various forms of steel (more common in men’s wedding rings), or even recycled metals.

And as far as stones are concerned, the sky is the limit. While weddings rings are almost exclusively diamonds—even today—it’s more common to see a non-diamond stone in an engagement ring. Popular options are rubies and emeralds but you can choose something as rare as fire opal or blue diamonds to something as inexpensive as tourmaline.

The key is to knowing your future-fiancée and her personal tastes. (Here’s a hint—look at the rings she already has and build from there).

Rule #4: Buy the Insurance