• Banquet Facilities in Orange County

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    1) The Orange County Mining Co.

    In addition to hosting a wonderful restaurant, this perfectly situated business features a lovely banquet facility that is available for corporate functions, weddings, and receptions of various sorts. While the food is spectacular it’s the view that keeps people coming back. It’s truly impressive and steals the show –sure to make a good impression on your guests.

    2) The Tustin Banquet Center

    The Tustin Banquet Center is one of the smaller, more intimate banquet facilities in Orange County. It features Spanish-style architecture and a Latin-inspired theme.

    3) Villa Park Catering

    This catering service has been in business for 25 years and its main focus is on the food. However, it does offer a facility that can be rented for various occasions and is centrally located in the O.C.

    4) The Ranch in Anaheim

    This facility is wonderfully decorated inside but your guests might have second thoughts when they pull up to the building. From the outside The Ranch looks just like any other cookie-cutter hotel. Open the doors and you’re welcomed into an imagining of California’s Wild West history. Featuring a restaurant and a “saloon” the facility is available for banquet functions as well.

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    Buying the Engagement Ring: Get The Inlaws in on the Search

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    Rule #5 for Buying the Engagement Ring: Consider Getting the Bride-to-Be (Or Future In-Laws) In On the Search

    It’s a little non-traditional to get the woman to whom you will be proposing to help you pick out the ring but sometimes it can save your proverbial behind. If the lucky girl is open-minded and you’ve discussed getting married, suggest picking a ring out together as a symbol of your affection.

    If she’s not or you haven’t, it’s time to get a little sneaky. Ask her mother, sister, cousin, or best friend what she would like. Chances are they’ve already discussed wedding and engagement rings at least once in the past. The key is to make sure that whoever you talk to can keep a secret.

    If that’s not an option, you might pull a fast one by casually mentioning a ring you saw online, at a store, or in a catalogue and asking for an opinion—just don’t blow the surprise.

    However you choose the ring, just keep in mind it really is just a ring. If the person to whom you’re popping the question really loves you, the ring won’t really matter. (Sometimes it is the thought that counts.)

    And if you’re looking for the perfect venue for your reception or ceremony, keep the Orange County Mining Co. in mind — after all, we did help you pick out that engagement ring.

    Check the side menu to catch up on our previous 4 rules on selecting the engagement ring.

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    Buying the Engagement Ring: Always Buy The Insurance

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    Rule #4 for Buying the Engagement Ring: Always Buy Insurance

    Normally the insurance packages that stores offer you are worthless. If you buy a washing machine, the chances of it breaking while it’s still covered under the optional insurance policy are quite small. And a large percentage of the repairs may actually cost you less than the plan does over time.

    However, take it from someone who has seen diamonds disappear in the blink of an eye—jewelry insurance is a good idea. It doesn’t take much to bend a prong and most stones are so small that they can get lost in the carpet, in the sand, the pool, or just about anywhere else. Your wife is going to wearing this ring wherever she goes and the world can be a dangerous place for such a delicate thing.

    You’ll want to make sure that repairs are covered but it’s also a good idea to make sure that there’s a stone replacement clause in your policy as well.

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    Buying the Engagement Ring: It’s Not All Diamonds & Gold

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    Rule #3 for Buying the Engagement Ring: Choosing the Metal and Stone

    Though diamonds and gold are the traditional go-to engagement stone/metal combination, there are so many other options out there it can be a bit overwhelming. First, you can choose either white or yellow gold. However, there is also green gold, rose gold, or even black gold. And if gold isn’t your thing, you can choose from platinum, silver, palladium, titanium, copper alloys, various forms of steel (more common in men’s wedding rings), or even recycled metals.

    And as far as stones are concerned, the sky is the limit. While weddings rings are almost exclusively diamonds—even today—it’s more common to see a non-diamond stone in an engagement ring. Popular options are rubies and emeralds but you can choose something as rare as fire opal or blue diamonds to something as inexpensive as tourmaline.

    The key is to knowing your future-fiancée and her personal tastes. (Here’s a hint—look at the rings she already has and build from there).

    Rule #4: Buy the Insurance

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    Buying the Engagement Ring: Style Trumps Size

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    Rule #2 in Buying the Engagement Ring: Selecting the Style and Size

    Last week we started this series of posts on Buying the Engagement Ring with the most important Rule: Pick the Ring Early. Today we’re going to dive into the next important step: Selecting the Style and Size.

    Bigger is not always better. It’s true that some brides-to-be want a really ostentatious engagement ring that they can show all their friends (and if you have one of those fiancés, watch out!) Just kidding. Every woman loves to show off her ring, but most agree that the color, setting, and cut of the stone are just as important (if not more so) than the size.

    There are tons of styles to choose from, ranging from traditional single-stone Solitaire or Princess Cut rings or elegant three-stone arrangements to more modern rings. Many of the latter feature intricately crafted or shaped bands with Square, Emerald Cut, or Asscher Cut stones—thank Sex In The City for that one. (For excellent examples of these non-traditional ring styles, take a look at Tacori or Mark Schneider rings).

    You can even buy rings that are designed to interlock with your chosen wedding ring no matter the shape. These matching bridal sets are a good option if you want to create an overall theme with your rings or want to make sure that both rings “go” together.

    Our next post will cover the Stone/Metal choices out there and how to choose the right one for your bride to be.

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    Buying the Engagement Ring Rules

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    Orange County Mining Co. Guide to Engagement Rings: Buying and Beyond

    Here at the Orange County Mining Co. we’ve seen a lot of weddings. From spectacular gala events to warm and cozy family affairs, we offer venues perfect for any ceremony or reception. The flowers, the guests, the music, the gown—girls dream of them from before they’ve even decided they like boys.

    But that special day starts a long time before the guests arrive. That day starts when the groom-to-be places an engagement ring on that girl’s hand and asks her to be with him forever.

    So, the whole wedding hangs on that first ring—no pressure—right?

    Relax; Over the next few weeks we are going to post tips for you bridegrooms-to-be on how to pick the perfect wedding ring.

    Pick the Ring Early

    One of the biggest mistakes that prospective grooms make is waiting too long to buy the ring. They think about popping the question for a long time but when it comes to the actual search for “the” ring, they think they can get it done all in one day. That adds a tremendous amount of pressure and pressure never makes for good decisions. You want your head to be clear and the choice to be as pain-free for you as possible.

    That’s why we recommend starting your search early. Give yourself a week, maybe even two. Shop around. Visit a half-dozen jewelry stores or even poke around online for ideas. Choosing the right ring is just like anything else in life—preparation makes the difference.

    And by giving yourself some time between the purchase and the popping of the question you can let your choice percolate a little. Think about the ring and make sure it’s the one you want to go with. Most jewelry stores will allow you to exchange a ring for another within a reasonable amount of time, so if you find you don’t like the one you initially picked out you can always swap it. (Just make sure to check with the individual jewelry store before you hand over the cash or swipe that credit card.)

    Check back soon for our next rule that Style Trumps Size (In Most Cases)….

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    2012 Bridal Show at Orange County Mining Co

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    Wedding plans involve an endless barrage of important decisions—from the venue to the theme and everything in between. From the moment the question is popped, the bride will be frantically trying to set the stage for a fairytale wedding. With so many things to figure out in a relatively short span of time, it’s often helpful to include a bridal show in the early stages of planning. Bridal shows feature everything needed to make the all-important wedding plans fit the vision and budget of the happy couple.

    The Orange County Mining Co features a romantic backdrop that is perfect for weddings and other events. When planning your wedding, consider attending a bridal show at Orange County Mining Co so you can iron out the many important details in this lovely setting. The April 2012 Bridal Show at Orange County Mining Co is the perfect way to enjoy time with friends and family as you make these essential decisions about your wedding. Meet preferred vendors so you choose the perfect service providers for your big day. The Orange County Mining Co bridal show is also a great way of enjoying a night out with your fiancé while including him in many decisions about your day together.

    Bridal shows offer endless benefits you won’t have when trying to scramble to make so many decisions on your own. By having access to vendors and wedding service providers under one roof, you can move through the decision-making process with ease so you’re able to focus on enjoying your engagement. If you’re ready to simplify wedding planning and enjoy a night out in this scenic setting, the April 2012 Orange County Mining Co bridal show is the ideal solution. Enter raffles for fabulous prizes, sample delicious foods, and spend time planning the wedding of your dreams.

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    Rehearsal Dinner – Tips for the Groom Part 2

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    Last month we talked about all the things the Groom should do at the Rehearsal Dinner. This month we’re sharing all the Don’ts. Even if you are not the one getting married, odds are you probably know someone who is, so don’t hesistate to share these two posts and earn the Groom points with his future bride!

    1. Don’t spend all night talking to just one or two friends.

    Not only is that defeating the purpose of the whole rehearsal dinner (to get to know each other and loosen up a bit before the big day) it won’t make a good impression with the in-laws or friends from the other side of the family.

    2. Don’t imbibe too much.

    A little “liquid courage” may be just the thing you need to get your toast out without stuttering but too much of the stuff will turn things messy fast. Try to limit yourself (even planning before the event) so you don’t end up offending anyone – remember, tensions run high right before a wedding.

    3. Don’t expect your parents to pay for the whole thing.

    Traditionally, it has been the groom’s parents who pay for the wedding dinner. But it’s acceptable to pick up the check yourself or even ask both sets of parents (or the parents and yourself) to split the cost.

    4. Don’t overpay for a venue.

    Some places will sell you on the décor and not the menu, service, or “feel” of the place and that usually results in a bill much larger than you’d want to pay. The key to planning the perfect event is finding an atmosphere everyone is comfortable in. Places like the Orange County Mining Co. offer exquisite ambiance at affordable prices. (P.S. the views from the Orange County Mining Co. are amazingly romantic — if you get what I’m getting at. You can even reserve the place for your wedding ceremony as well!)

    5. Don’t worry . . . too much.

    When you pick an excellent venue like the Orange County Mining Co. for your rehearsal dinner, you’ve already done half the heavy lifting right there. The dinner itself is a time for you to enjoy the company of your new family, cement relationships that will last a lifetime, and be yourself. Once the planning is done, just let yourself enjoy the moment.

    There you have a quick and dirty list to keep in mind when planning your rehearsal diner. Don’t let the fact that the dinner has become an expected part of the wedding ceremony steal the fun out of it for you. And don’t worry about the toast – it’s not as hard as you might think.

    If you’d like more information about booking the perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner, contact the helpful staff at the Orange County Mining Co. today. And keep in mind, whether or not you’ve planned your wedding ceremony there, the staff will help you pull off the perfect rehearsal dinner so you can score brownie points with your in-laws (and your bride-to-be).

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    Rehearsal Dinner: What the Groom Needs to Know

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    A lot of fuss has been made about brides turning into monsters as their wedding date approaches but getting married can be stressful for the groom as well. One of the biggest responsibilities the groom faces is the rehearsal dinner. It’s a time for members of the two families to come together and get to know each other. Many of the best rehearsal dinners are informal and feel more like a family get-together rather than part of the wedding ceremony. Still, planning one (and attending one) can be difficult. So here is a short list of what every groom needs to know about the rehearsal dinner.

    1. Do think about who you will and won’t invite.

    Obviously you should have the main players in your wedding party at the dinner and the in-laws should all be invited as well. However, it’s not necessary to invite friends, all the outlying family members, and acquaintances. The purpose of the dinner is for people to mingle and if the crowd gets too large it’s hard to make time for everyone. Which, coincidentally, is number 2.

    2. Do take time to speak with everyone.

    You don’t have to dole out your time on a day planner but you should pan on spending a few minutes conversing with each and every one invited to your rehearsal dinner. Don’t have anything to talk about? Simply thank them for being a part of your special day.

    3. Do plan icebreakers.

    Fun games (darts, pool, word games, or even appropriate board or social games) can be a way to get everybody involved and get those tongues wagging. Don’t let your rehearsal dinner stall before it ever gets started.

    4. Do plan on making a toast.

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be anything long or fancy. Just a simple little speech about how happy you are to be getting married and thanking everybody for being a part of it (even if they’ve been less than helpful during the process) is an excellent way to make everyone feel welcome.

    5. Do plan the menu appropriately.

    Chances are the bride will want to have some input on what is served at the rehearsal dinner – and that’s okay. But it’s important to make sure everybody feels comfortable enough to talk while dinner is being served. The folks at Orange County Mining Co have been hosting rehearsal dinners for years and can give you some great tips on menu choices.

    Check back soon for the Grooms list of rehearsal dinner Don’ts….

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    Corporate Events in Orange County

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    Holiday parties and other corporate events require a facility that is experienced in hosting large groups. While there are several corporate events facilities in Orange County, there are not many that have the experience of Orange County Mining Company.

    Corporate events are not just for the holiday season. While a corporate party held during the months of November or December is a great way to thank your staff and/or clients and celebrate the holidays at the same time, there are many other reasons to gather throughout the year.

    • Special training sessions
    • Yearly award banquets
    • Retirement celebrations
    • Party for achieving certain milestones or goals
    • Manager retreats

    The above are just some of the many possible examples. When you choose to host any type of corporate event, one thing you’d like to avoid is creating a lot of extra work for you and your staff. That is why you must choose a corporate event facility in Orange County that has experience in this field.

    Here are a few ways that an experienced facility can make your event a success.


    What size room do you need? Bigger is not always better. If the room is too small for the number of people in attendance, you will feel crowded and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the room is too big, everyone may feel disconnected and the empty space can make the event feel cold and cavernous.

    Staff that is experienced planning these events will know how to put you in a room that is the appropriate size for your event.


    Food might not be the most important part of your corporate party or event, but it is certainly going to be near the top of the list. Experienced facilities, such as Orange County Mining Company, can help you to put together a menu that will meet the needs of your event AND keep you in budget.


    The staff at the venue that you choose can truly make or break your event. The best customer service comes with experience, and our staff takes great pride in doing whatever required to meet the needs of each client.


    An experienced event planner is going to know what extras that you might need – even before you ask. For example, if you are holding a training meeting, you will probably need a podium and, perhaps, an A/V setup.

    When you choose an experienced facility, you don’t have to think of everything, because we will do that for you. A corporate holiday party or other event that is not well-organized can end up being a negative experience for your guests and that defeats the whole purpose of having one. Choose a corporate event facility in Orange County that has hosted hundreds of holiday parties, training seminars, awards banquets and other events.

    Orange County Mining Company is the best choice in Orange County. Not only will you find an experienced staff, but fabulous menu options, great packages, and a lovely facility with gorgeous views. Call 714-997-7411 today so that we can help you get started in the planning of your next corporate event.

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    Event Planning Tips

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    When planning an event such as a family reunion, class reunion or similar gathering, there are many details to consider. The good news is that if you start with a great facility, such as Orange County Mining Company, the staff will be able to walk you through much of the planning and help to ensure a successful event. Here are three other event planning tips to keep in mind.

    1. Plan early. It is always amazing when someone tries to put together an event, such as a class reunion, with just one month’s notice. Sure, you can organize an event in that timeframe, especially with help from an experienced banquet facility in Orange County. But for the best turnout, and to give out-of-towners time to make arrangements, you need to plan the event further ahead.

    2. You can’t please everyone, but you can try. At most large gatherings, someone is going to complain about something. You can, however, cut down on the gripes by trying to accommodate special dietary requests or needs, such as those for diabetics or vegetarians. Leave a small space on the reply cards for people to list such needs and then work with your caterer to provide appropriate meals for those guests.

    3. If tickets will be sold to your event, start selling them as soon as possible. You can cut down on the work by using a service like to sell your tickets online. TicketHookUps is a free and easy service that lets the event holder create a custom branded event page in just minutes. The attendees can purchase tickets to your event quickly and easily.
    Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a successful event. Happy planning!

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    Orange County Banquet Buffet Special

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    If you have been waiting for the right time for your special event, such as a family gathering, business appreciation dinner or other event, NOW is the time to act. Orange County Mining Company has a fabulous special on three delicious banquet buffets during the months of October and November.

    For just $25 per person, you can choose from three fabulous menus.

    Italian Pasta Buffet

    This includes Caesar salad, meat lasagna, tortellini alfredo, vegetable medley and rolls.

    BBQ Buffet

    This includes macaroni salad, BBQ beef ribs, BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and rolls.

    Mexican Buffet

    This includes chicken and steak fajitas, Spanish rice, refried beans, salsa, tortillas and cheese.

    The above menus are perfect for all types of events. You could hold a training meeting, a sales event or just try to gather old friends for an impromptu class reunion. For only $25 per person, it is worth finding a reason to have a party!

    As is always the case, the professional staff at Orange County Mining Company will make planning your event very easy. Just choose your menu and send out invitations. The staff will set up the room, prepare the food and clean up when it’s over. You can just relax and enjoy your guests or focus on your meeting.

    Coffee, tea and a 4 hour room rental are included with all of the buffet options. It might seem too good to be true, but for a very limited time, you can host a dinner with your choice of professionally prepared, delicious menus that are sure to impress your guests. Don’t wait or this special will be gone. Call 714-997-7411 today to book your party.

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    More Orange County Fun

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    In last month’s post we started sharing some ideas of how and where to have fun in Orange County year round. But, our list is so long we couldn’t possibly include everything in one post. So here are some more fun ideas for you animal and nature lovers.

    Nearby Santa Ana is a great destination with The Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park as one of its major attractions. Take the Zoofari Express train around the park or go check out the elephant rides. With 249 animals and 25 exhibits, you could easily spend the whole day talking to the animals.

    For the nature lovers, the Fullterton Arboretum is a must-see destination. The Arboretum is located on the campus of Cal State, Fullterton, with 26 acres of exotic plants. Imagine meandering around the lush gardens, from the shade of the Redwood forest to a desert oasis and the rose garden, with its lush summer color and fragrance.

    Summer is the perfect time of year to check out Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, one of the area’s most visited amusement parks. The amusement park has something for everyone from young children rides in Camp Snoopy to the ultimate high tech rides and roller coasters in Orange County. It’s a thrill seeker’s delight with nine roller coasters to choose from.

    After a long day of fun you are bound to be hungry and a little tired. So come rest your feet with us at the Orange County Mining Co restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner that will satisfy everyone member of the family and won’t break the budget.

    There is something for everyone in Orange County, from the beaches to hilly vistas, quiet gardens and parks to action-packed amusement parks. The area is rich with history and a have-fun atmosphere which invites everyone to relax and enjoy the experience. You won’t want to miss out on the fun and beauty of Orange County.

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    Fun In The O.C.

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    Orange County is bursting at the seams with fun activities and sights for family vacations year round. Whether you’re looking for a weekend get-away or a day trip, you have so much to choose from when visiting Southern California.

    There are the traditional venues like Disneyland, Legoland California, and Six Flags Magic Mountain; but the rewards are great for those who venture off to see the real Orange County. Around Anaheim and Santa Ana there are:

    • Wilderness trails
    • Public parks and beaches with free admission and recreational activities for a fun day in the sun.
    • La Veta Park, in Orange, is designed for families with children ages 1-5, and has safe, simple activities geared for kids.
    • For a fun watery adventure plan a trip on the Balboa Island Ferry in Newport Beach. The cost is an amazing 15 cents but the excitement of taking a ferry ride is priceless, whether you go as a pedestrian or by car.

    The city of Anaheim has many family attractions, from Disneyland to smaller, more affordable venues for families on a budget. Younger children might prefer Adventure City, a small theme park designed with rides for children 12 years old and younger. The park is open all week in the summer and provides plenty of entertainment, including a 1930s vintage miniature train which runs through the park.

    And, of course no day trip to Orange County would be complete with a stop at the restaurant on the hill, Orange County Mining Company. This restaurant, modeled to bring back images of the silver mining history of the area, is known for its gorgeous view overlooking Orange County. The restaurant has a fabulous Sunday brunch with foods and drink to satisfy all age ranges. It could be the start of a great day out exploring the scenic views of Orange County. If brunch isn’t your thing, swing by at the end of a day of sightseeing for a relaxing drink in the bar.

    Those are just a few of our precious attractions. Are you a nature or animal lover? We got some more ideas for you coming soon.

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    School Banquets in Orange County

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    School is out for summer, but those who organize special events know that there is no rest just because school is out. Now is the best time to start planning for next year’s school banquets. Whether for a sports team, honor society or a daddy/daughter dance, Orange County Mining Company is the BEST choice in a venue for your next school banquet.

    There are other locations where you could hold your event, but Orange County Mining Company has dedicated staff that has spent a lot of time learning what works best for the organizers of school dinners and other events.

    We have tailored a special menu and pricing system just for school banquets. We are sure you’ll agree that our policies make planning as simple as possible.


    Most banquet facilities have a complicated pricing structure. On top of that, there are often fees that are NOT included in the menu pricing. That’s not a bad thing – in fact, pricing for most of our events are the same way. But for school banquets, our pricing is different.

    We have developed one price that covers all fees. There is no extra cost on top of the per person price. The cost is a flat $22 per person. That includes taxes, room fees and tips. Having this simple pricing model in place makes it easier for you to budget and to collect the right amount from each person who is attending the event.


    We know that organizers of school banquets have to keep the costs low. That doesn’t mean that you should not have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your menu. Orange County Mining Company has a selection of buffet menus from which you can choose. Our buffets include:

    • County BBQ Buffet
    • Italian Buffet
    • Mexican Buffet
    • Breakfast Buffet

    Each buffet includes a variety of items that are sure to be enough to satisfy even the hungriest crowd of football players – or cheerleaders! All of our buffets include a sheet cake as well as coffee, tea and soda.


    The staff at Orange County Mining Company will work with you to make sure that your school banquet goes just as you planned. Even if this is the first time you have planned a school banquet, rest assured that our staff has plenty of experience and will make the process easy for you.


    We are easy to find and offer AMAZING views that will provide a nice backdrop for your school banquet. There is plenty of parking and you won’t have to walk for 20 minutes to get back to your car at the end of the night.

    As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to choose Orange County Mining Company for your next school banquet. Don’t wait until many of the most popular dates are booked. Call today to reserve your date and learn how we can help your next event be the most successful banquet that you’ve ever had!

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    Your Orange County Corporate Meeting Location

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    Planning a business meeting or coporate event can be time consuming. The time spent planning the logistics of the meeting would be put to better use planning the content of the meeting. Still, in addition to finding a great location, you also need to make sure that those attending the meeting will have access to coffee, snacks and a good lunch. When you need a meeting or corporate event facility in Orange County, look no farther than the Orange County Mining Company.

    There are many reasons that this Orange County meeting location is among the best.

    Meeting Planners Package

    We want to make planning your meeting as simple as possible. That is why we put together our meeting planner’s package. Take a look at what is included:

    • Continental Breakfast
    • Mid-morning coffee break
    • Buffet or plated lunch
    • Afternoon break including drinks and cookies

    The package also includes the meeting room and a podium and microphone. You might expect such a package to be out of your budget, but our cost is just $25.95 per person.


    Our Meeting Planner’s Package is designed for a meeting that will take a full day. If you have a shorter event for which you need a meeting location, Orange County Mining Company can help you as well. Even if your meeting is for just a few hours, our event staff can work with you to help make dining choices from the banquet menu.

    Just call and speak to one of our helpful staff members to learn how easy it is to plan all types of meetings and other corporate events.

    Special Weekday Rates

    When searching for a business meeting location, Orange County Mining Company can often offer you a special rate. Why is this? Because other types of events, such as weddings and parties do not usually take place on a weekday. Just ask for our special weekday rate when speaking with a staff member to learn how you can save even more off of our already low prices.

    This is very important to many who are searching for a corporate event location, especially now with so many businesses searching for ways to trim their budgets.

    The Views

    As you can see, there are many reasons that Orange County Mining Company is a great choice for a meeting or other corporate event. There is, however, one more feature that really makes us stand out from the rest: the views.

    Sure, the views might not be the most important consideration when planning a business meeting, but it sure adds a little something extra to the experience. There are wonderful views from every one of our banquet and meeting rooms. You can even choose to take your meal out on the balcony.

    The first step of planning a meeting is to find a corporate event location. Orange County Mining Company is one of the best. Give us a call today to learn how we can help make the process of planning a meeting as simple as possible.

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    Mother’s Day Weekend: Make it Special

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    Mothers deserve to be honored all throughout the year, but on Mother’s Day, it is time to really ramp up and do something special. Unless you are an only child, you probably never have had the chance to do something really nice for your Mom on Mother’s Day with just the two of you. Orange County Mining Co. is offering a Mother’s Day event that will allow you to steal your mom away for a special afternoon while still leaving Sunday for a family celebration.

    Orange County Mining Co. has long been one of the best places for a Mother’s Day brunch in Orange County. The amazing food, fabulous views, lovely décor and attentive staff provide an atmosphere that is perfect for letting your mother know how much she means to you.

    Saturday Champagne Brunch

    As mentioned, wouldn’t it be great to just whisk your mother away for a special Mother’s Day celebration? The Saturday Champagne brunch allows you to do that while still allowing the rest of the family to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day.

    The fabulous Mother’s Day event will take place on Saturday, May 7th from 9:30 to 2:00. The cost is $26.95 per person and $10.95 for kids under 12. The food is perfectly prepared and there are plenty of delicious options from which to choose. If you do bring along any kids, they are sure to appreciate the build-your-own-sundae bar! Prime rib, an omelet station, a seafood station and a host of other choices are also on the menu.

    The Saturday Champagne brunch is also a great choice for the whole family, especially if it is hard to all meet for lunch after church on Sunday. The Saturday option will allow you to treat your mom to a very special lunch without having to fight the crowds on Mother’s Day. You’ll also save a little bit of money by choosing the Saturday buffet.

    Mother’s Day Brunch

    If you would rather celebrate on Mother’s Day, Orange County Mining Company is offering the brunch that day as well. This brunch will be held from 9:00 to 3:00. The cost is $33.95 per person and $12.95 for kids under age 12.

    To give you even more opportunities to take Mom out, Orange County Mining Company is also offering a Mother’s Day dinner from 4:30 to 8:00. During this time guests may order from the normal dinner menu. Reservations are recommended for all of these Mother’s Day events.

    Make it Special

    Treating your mom to fabulous Mother’s Day events, such as our brunch, is certainly special. Still, some of the most touching Mother’s Day ideas are more personal in nature. Consider creating a book that features you and your siblings throughout the years. Include verbiage about why your mom is so special. Sites such as can turn your photos and phrases into a professionally bound book for a nominal price. This is sure to become one of your mother’s most cherished possessions.

    Another Mother’s Day idea is to have an oil painting made from a favorite family photo. Present this thoughtful gift while at the brunch or dinner and turn the outing into a day that your mother will never forget.

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    5 Reasons To Go To Happy Hour in Orange County

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Work is finally over for the day, so how should you celebrate? Why not stop by the Orange County Mining Co.’s Miner’s Saloon for Happy Hour? Just in case the end of the work day is not reason enough for such a celebration, below are five great reasons to catch Happy Hour in Orange County.

    1. The Drinks

    When you think of Happy Hour, the drinks are probably the first thing that comes to mind, and you won’t be disappointed by what we have to offer. The Miner’s Saloon at Orange County Mining Co. has all of the top shelf options you could want, as well as an extensive wine list and plenty of beer.

    2. The Specials

    It’s Happy Hour, so of course there are great specials. For example, $4 domestic draft beer, $4 house wine and well drinks, and ½ priced Margarita pitchers. Oh, it’s Happy Hour all right!

    3. The Food

    After all of your Happy Hour fun, you probably won’t feel much like making anything for dinner. That’s ok, because the Miner’s Saloon has a menu of wonderful appetizers and entrees that you can enjoy. You can munch on one of our delicious appetizers, such as the Buffalo wings or chicken fingers. Other appetizers include artichoke dip, fried calamari and a jumbo shrimp cocktail. If you can’t decide then choose the Picken’s Combo that includes five of our most popular appetizers.

    If you want a full meal, this Happy Hour has got you covered. Choose from mouthwatering selections such as Prospector’s Prime Rib Sandwich, Blackened Salmon Salad or Miner’s Half Rack of BBQ pork ribs. Don’t forget to take advantage of our $2 off select appetizers during Happy Hour.

    4. The Atmosphere

    At any Happy Hour, the atmosphere is one of relaxation and fun. Others who have come to enjoy Happy Hour also feel the same need to blow off some steam, unwind from a rough day or celebrate the upcoming weekend. At the Miner’s Saloon you will also get to enjoy the rustic décor juxtaposed against the absolutely stunning views of the city. Stay as the sun sets and the view transforms to one of twinkling city lights.

    5. It’s Happy Hour!

    Do you still need another reason to go to Happy Hour in Orange County? How about just because it is Happy Hour? You work hard all week. You do not need a special occasion or a specific reason to celebrate. You deserve to take a little time out. Step away from the busy-ness of the everyday stresses and schedules and spend a few hours just hanging out with your friends, enjoying a drink and having a few laughs. It’s called Happy Hour for a reason, so come on, get happy!

    Happy Hour at the Miner’s Saloon at Orange County Mining Company takes place Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. The specials may change, so be sure to check out our Web site for the most current information.

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    Valentine’s Day Ideas for Orange County

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Valentine’s Day is almost here, and this is the day that has been set aside for romance. If you want to do something really special for your sweetheart, you have plenty of options to choose from right here in Orange County. Below are a few ideas to help get your romantic, creative juices flowing.

    1. Wine Tasting – Whether you are well-versed in all things relating to wine or have never participated in a wine tasting before, this is a fun and romantic way to spend some time around Valentine’s Day. There are a few great wineries in Orange County, so call a few to see which is offering the most attractive Valentine’s Day package.

    2. A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The South Coast Repertory Company is putting on their fabulous rendition of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Performances will be held each Thursday, Friday and Saturday through February 20th. Follow up with a romantic dinner (see #5!).

    3. Volunteer – This might not be the most traditional way to spend the afternoon of Valentine’s Day, but for someone who loves to give, there will be nothing better. In nursing homes throughout Orange County, there are people who will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. No one will invite them to dinner or buy them a special gift. Consider wooing your Valentine by showing her how much you care for others. Buy a few dozen roses and spend a few hours handing them out to residents of a local nursing home. There are several nursing care centers in Orange County including Newport Nursing Center, Family Choice Senior Center and Royale Health Care Center. After you help to brighten the day of others, treat your sweetheart to a lovely and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

    4. Tidepool Walk – For couples who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, what could be better than a Valentine’s Day spent wandering through the more than 2400 acres of pristine land that is Crystal Cove State Park? On February 12th there will be an organized Tidepool walk, but you can also explore the 17 miles of hiking trails on your own. Bring along a small picnic to hold you over until the romantic dinner that you’ll share later.

    5. Dinner with a View – Nice restaurants in Orange County are a dime a dozen. If you want to impress your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to find a dinner spot that has a little something extra, such as an extraordinary view. Orange County Mining Company offers the best of everything: the best food, the best service AND the best view. A special Valentine’s Day dinner is available for only $100 per couple. You will be treated to our signature entrees, ridiculously delicious desserts as well as champagne for toasting. Make your reservations today by calling 714-997-7411.

    You can impress your Valentine in a number of ways. Whether you choose to get dressed up and explore the world of wine, go hiking or help those who are less fortunate, the most important part of Valentine’s Day is being with the one that you love.

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    2010 Event Highlights at Orange County Mining Company Part 2

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Continuing with the event highlights from 2010……While each event we host throughout the year is special, there is something nostalgic about our Share a Lunch and New Year’s Eve events; and 2010 was no exception!

    Share a Lunch

    Orange County Mining Company is not usually open for lunch during the week. Twice a year, however, we make an exception when we open our doors for two days in December for our Share a Lunch event. Every guest is treated to a fabulous holiday lunch buffet that is all-inclusive. At just $25 per person, this is a wonderful way for offices without a huge budget for a Christmas party to thank their employees for a year of hard work.

    We had a great turnout for both days, and we already have our dates set for Share a Lunch in 2011.

    New Year’s Eve

    Our New Year’s Eve event is one of our favorites. It is also a favorite with our guests, as this event sells out every single year. Guests gather in our gorgeous Silverado banquet room. With city lights sparkling, everyone is treated to an amazing appetizers and a scrumptious dinner buffet. Appetizers included Mini Quiche, Tortilla Chips, Guacamole and Salsa as well as a Fruit & Cheese display. Dinner included a selection of green and pasta salads and some of our most popular entrees such as Prime Rib and Orange County chicken.

    After dinner and dessert a champagne toast followed. At only $50 per person, including tax and tip, this is the best New Year’s Eve value in all of the Orange County! Of course, we had to do something special to ring in the New Year, so at exactly midnight there was a balloon drop to mark the entrance of a brand new year!

    As you can see, 2010 was a banner year for our staff and a year full of fun events for our guests. Keep checking our website for updates on what events we’ll be hosting this year. If you’re planning on celebrating a special event this year get started early and call our Catering Director to get the best price for your wedding, office party, birthday party or reception.

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    2010 Event Highlights at Orange County Mining Company

    September 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    We had a great year here at Orange County Mining Company. We went above and beyond to provide great service, fabulous food and the best atmosphere for each of our guests. We hosted numerous weddings, birthday parties, office parties and other events. Each was special and unique. Below are just a few of the highlights of 2010 at Orange County Mining Company.

    Bridal Shows

    2010 was a great time to be a bride in Orange County! That’s because we hosted three bridal shows last year. Each of our bridal shows, held in March, July and October, were perfect opportunities for brides to come and see our beautiful facility. We set up banquet rooms just like we do for weddings. This allows brides to get the full effect of our stunning rooms and even more stunning views.

    Many vendors were on hand to provide information and samples to brides. One bride remarked that she had practically planned her whole wedding during one of our bridal shows.

    We even had our chefs prepare some of our best menu items including appetizers such as Spanakopitas, Mini Quiche, and Swedish meatballs. We also had samples of entrees, such as chicken picatta, baked salmon and vegetable lasagna on hand.

    If you are getting married, be sure to plan to attend one of our 2011 bridal shows!

    Valentine’s Day

    We helped to make planning a special and memorable Valentine’s Day very simple! Our Filet & Lobster Dinner & Dance was a huge success. Tender steaks and succulent lobster were served to each guest along with some champagne to help get everyone in the mood for some after dinner dancing.

    Each couple sat at a cozy table for two where they were treated to views of the twinkling city lights as they dined and danced.

    Mother’s Day and Easter

    For Mother’s Day and Easter, we like to do something special here at Orange County Mining Company. Anyone who has attended would agree that our Champagne Brunch is certainly special. There is so much food that some people commented they would have to come back next year just so they can sample it all!

    We include breakfast favorites such as scrambled eggs, bacon, blintzes, pancakes and an omelet station. For those who prefer a heartier brunch we offer tamales, fajitas, a pasta station, crab legs, prime rib and much more.

    We serve our Mother’s Day and Easter brunch in the restaurant, but for parties of ten or more, we happily accommodate groups in the Silverado Room.

    These are just a few of the special events we were happy to host thus far. Check back in a couple of weeks to see how our Share a Lunch and New Years Eve events turned out!

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    Holiday Proposals – How, When & Where?

    September 23, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    For potential grooms who have the option of proposing in California, the possibilities are endless. Wondering where to propose in sunny California? How about on the shore as the sun breaks over the horizon and the sea lions warm themselves on nearby rocks? Perhaps you could take a hike near the mountains where the breathtaking view will provide an unforgettable backdrop as you pop the question.

    In addition to the many wonderful outdoor locations in which to pop the questions, there are some other options as well. The restaurant at Orange County Mining Company boasts amazing views, which helps to up the romantic factor of the moment. Also, the staff at Orange County Mining Company will do whatever it takes to help ensure your proposal is extra special.

    Of course, just as important as where to propose is when to propose. The holidays are a wonderful time to ask for your girl’s hand in marriage for a number of reasons. One is that there is a good chance that out of town family will already be gathered together. This gives you the chance to allow extended family to share in your happiness and to tell them the news in person.

    Now for a reason that embraces male stereotypes: For forgetful guys, proposing over the holidays also makes it much less likely that you will forget the date of this important event.

    Below are a couple of ideas for how to propose during the holidays.

    Have Santa Pop the Question

    This is a great idea for a setting such as a restaurant. Hire Santa to pop by the restaurant at an appointed time. Of course, your future bride will have no reason to think that Santa made a special trip just for her. As he approaches the table, Santa can hand the hopeful groom a ring box.

    In Front of Family

    Another fun way to propose in California is to do it at a family gathering. This gathering can be at a restaurant such as Orange County Mining Company, or simply around a holiday dinner at someone’s home. Proposing in front of family members is not the right choice for every couple, but some love the idea of including those that they love most in on the big moment.

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    Holiday Events in Orange County

    September 23, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The holidays are nigh upon us, and it is time to start making plans for how to celebrate. Halloween is not just for kids anymore. After you make the trick-or-treating rounds, why not hire a sitter and head out to dinner at the Orange County Mining Company for a night off with great food?

    We will be serving dinner from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m., which gives you plenty of time to get out of your costume (that is if you want to of course). You’ll find all the favorites you are hoping for on a Sunday evening, including: seafood, barbeque, lobster, steak, and a variety of other inspired dishes. And every entrée comes with the extensive Farmer’s Market soup and salad bar.

    Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here. Some insist on cooking their own family dinner, but more and more people are seeing the benefits of finding a Thanksgiving restaurant in Orange County. Eating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant does not mean that you have to settle for a chain restaurant’s inferior buffet.

    In fact, the best Thanksgiving restaurant in the area is at Orange County Mining Co. We offer an impressive array of foods to satisfy every member of your family. Prime rib, ham, a large selection of sides and salads, not to mention so many desserts that you will need to unbutton that top button just to be able to breathe!

    Some Thanksgiving restaurants in Orange County close just before dinner time. At Orange County Mining Co. we keep our buffet open from 12:00 to 7:00 p.m. allowing our guests to eat their holiday meal at the time that is most convenient for them.

    In addition to being extensive, our buffet food is also top quality. All of the items are prepared by our skilled chefs and are just as good as anything that grandma makes (sorry, grandma). The best part is that when you and your family are done eating, there are no dishes to do and no gravy stains to scrub out of the carpet. Just leave all of the work to us and get on with the rest of your Thanksgiving activities.

    The cost for this fabulous Thanksgiving restaurant meal at Orange County Mining Co. is just $32.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids under the age of 12. Reservations are required.

    The best Halloween events in Orange County and the best Thanksgiving restaurant in Orange County can be found under the same roof. Orange County Mining Co. offers holiday events that take the work out of your holiday planning. Join us for Halloween, Thanksgiving or both! Let Orange County Mining Co. become a new holiday tradition for your family.

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    Fall Wedding Flowers

    September 21, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    It is hard to believe that the fall wedding season is once again upon us. While all weddings can be elegant, romantic and beautiful, there is a certain charm to a fall wedding that is unlike any other. Part of that charm is the warm, rich hues that go along with a fall wedding. There are many options for beautiful fall wedding flowers, and they are not all the typical choices.


    When it comes to fall wedding flowers, many think only of the orange and red hues associated with that time of year. While those colors certainly have a place at a fall wedding, there are other options as well.

    One lovely choice for fall wedding flowers for the bride is off white roses. A full bouquet of this flower looks amazing next to the white of a wedding gown with the rich hues of fall playing in the background via the bridesmaid’s dresses and the floral decorations.

    Another option is to use accents, such as pinecones and greenery to bring the fall theme to the next level. Also, for brides who want color, there are other beautiful options besides the typical red, oranges, yellows and browns.

    Consider a burgundy or purple colored bouquet. Some brides choose a solid color bouquet while others select burgundy flowers, such as Snapdragons, burgundy Dahlias and miniature burgundy Calla Lilies, or purples flowers, such as Glory-of-the-Snow or Grape Hyacinth, to accent off white flowers, such as Sweet Pea, off-white Roses or Calla Lilies.


    For fall wedding flower centerpieces, consider adding visual interest to your selected flowers by including a candle, pine cones or even pumpkins. Some brides try to save a bit of money on the centerpieces by having a candle or hurricane lamp serve as the main feature and then using fall wedding flowers as accents.

    For the most up-to-date fall wedding flowers, visit a florist who keeps up with all of the latest trends. Petals by Xavi is one of Orange County Mining Company’s preferred vendors. They offer event planning and floral design services. With five locations, they cater to every need the bride has concerning bouquets, floral décor, centerpieces and more. The designers at Petals by Xavi are the best in the business and they take the time to keep up with the latest trends and ideas in floral design and wedding planning.

    Some Orange County wedding venues provide amazingly beautiful backdrops for a fall wedding. Imagine your fall wedding flowers against a backdrop of rustic wooden walls and beams with a wall of windows overlooking twinkling city lights. Orange County Mining Company can work with you to make sure that your fall wedding and reception is even more beautiful than you imagined.

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    Bridal Shower Basics – Part 2

    September 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    We hope you found the topics addressed in our first Bridal Shower Basics post helpful and that some of you were able to attend the OCMC bridal show. Our Q & A for what you should know about bridal showers continues…


    When it comes to bridal shower venues, Orange County offers many lovely options. Thanks to the wonderful weather, outdoor showers are an option no matter the time of year.

    Just as with Orange County wedding locations, the venue that you choose for a bridal shower will depend on your budget, the size of the party as well as the formality of the event. Many bridal shower locations in Orange County can meet your vision for the shower whether it is a very casual affair or something more elegant.

    For a no-fuss bridal shower location in Orange County, consider the Orange County Mining Company. The staff will help you with many of the shower details. The food is fabulous and menus can be tailored to meet your taste and budget.

    Orange County Mining Company can accommodate groups as small as 30 and as large as 220. Leave most of the work to the staff so that you can enjoy the party along with the other guests.


    The type of food that you serve at a bridal shower depends on the time of day, the budget and the formality of the shower.

    Some bridal showers include only cake and punch. Others include full plated dinners. If you work with an event venue, such as Orange County Mining Company, the staff can help you tailor a menu that is appropriate for your event.

    Some have asked if the guests should be expected to pay for their own food. This is not appropriate. Remember, you are inviting guests to a party to celebrate the upcoming marriage of the bride. You do not invite someone to a party and then ask them to pay for their own food.

    When to Throw a Shower

    Ideally, a bridal shower would take place one to two months before the wedding. Of course, this is not going to be best for every couple. Holding it too close to the wedding can put a strain on the couple’s busy schedule as they scramble to make all necessary last minute arrangements.

    If there are out of town guests who are very special to the bride, you may consider hosting a bridal shower in the week before the wedding. This allows those out of town guests to be at both the shower and the wedding.

    Of course, if you are planning to have a shower that close to the wedding the bride should be involved in selecting the date.

    Is More than One Shower Appropriate?

    It is not at all uncommon for a bride to have more than one bridal shower. The reasons for having more than one shower vary. They may include the desire to have a co-ed shower and then another shower at which the bride can receive lingerie in a more private setting.

    Sometimes, there may be one shower for family and another for friends. In this case, each shower would be hosted by a different person.

    Once you have the basics down, hosting a bridal shower can be a lot of fun. Just use a few personal touches so the bride will see how much thought went in to planning her shower.

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    Bridal Shower Basics – Part 1

    September 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    If someone you love is getting married, you have probably given some thought to her bridal shower. It is natural for there to be a bit of confusion about the basics of throwing a bridal shower. From who to invite to finding an appropriate bridal shower location in Orange County, the questions can be numerous.

    These next two posts seek to answer many of those questions and help you get on with the art of celebrating your loved one’s impending nuptials.

    Who Should Host

    The answer to the question of who should host a bridal shower has changed in recent years. Traditionally, it would have been considered inappropriate for a relative of the bride to host a shower. Instead, the duty would fall to a close friend, normally one of the bridesmaids.

    While some still consider that to be ideal, there are some situations in which the only people who would be able to host a shower will be a relative of the bride. While those who are strict about traditional etiquette might find this distasteful, most people will be happy to come and celebrate with the bride no matter who is hosting the party.

    Who to Invite

    The guest list should include female family members, close friends of the bride. Many include co-workers of the bride as well, although it is not uncommon for those who work with the bride to have a small shower at work. Female family members of the groom may also be included.

    Co-Ed Showers?

    Who to invite changes in the event that you host a co-ed shower. Co-ed showers are becoming increasingly popular. This is a good option because it allows the groom to be included on the festivities. In the case of a co-ed shower, both male and female family members and friends can be included on the guest list.

    Whether to have a co-ed shower is really a matter of choice. It is important to buy gifts that are appropriate to be opened in front of mixed company. Stick to household items and save the lingerie for another time.


    While it is not necessary, some bridal shower hostesses choose to use a theme for the party. If the bride is having a theme wedding, it is fine to use that as a bridal shower theme. Just be sure that you do not use any of the same decorations that the bride plans to use for her wedding.

    Another reason for having a themed shower is to help direct the kinds of gifts received. For example, some brides prefer to have a “Kitchen Theme” or “Linens Theme”. In this case, the theme should be specified on the invitations. If you want to host a themed-bridal shower, consider the taste of the bride when making a selection.

    We hope that you’ve found these first few bridal shower tips useful and that you take a look at Bridal Shower Basics – Part 2. Still to come are answers to questions about appropriate bridal shower venues, common meal questions, when to throw a shower and how many showers are considered acceptable.

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    De-Stress Dad with a Father’s Day Brunch

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    There are many ways that you can honor your dad on Father’s Day. One of the best is by just sitting down with him for brunch and simply spending some time together. The first Father’s Day took place on June 13, 1910. A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd had heard about the newly declared Mother’s Day and thought that fathers deserved a similar day set aside to recognize their sacrifices and efforts.

    For some reason, the idea of Father’s Day did not catch on as quickly as Mother’s Day. While many Presidents throughout the years noted Father’s Day in some way, it was not until 1972 that President Richard Nixon actually signed the law that officially made Father’s Day a holiday.

    Many people understand the importance of honoring their Fathers on this day, but some come up short when thinking of ways to do that. They buy gifts or send a card and while those are thoughtful ideas, some dads are hoping for something a little different.

    While a gift is a nice gesture, most fathers would rather just have the chance to spend time with their children. The Champagne Brunch offered by Orange County Mining Company is the most delicious Father’s Day Brunch in Orange County and provides a wonderful setting for spending time together on this special day.

    When looking for a Father’s Day brunch in Orange County, look for one where the location is just as special as the food. At the Orange County Mining Company, the Champagne Brunch is served in a beautiful dining room with a lovely view.

    Father’s Day brunch in Orange County should offer a special menu. The Champagne Brunch at Orange County Mining Company includes so many choices that most people are unsure where to even begin! The hot station includes teriyaki chicken, carved prime rib, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, sausage and much more.

    There are also seafood, fruit, omelet and Mexican stations, pancakes and a wonderful selection of desserts. You can treat your dad to this special brunch on Father’s Day from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Click here for more info.

    After brunch, continue the special day by hitting the beach or taking in a concert, play or movie. Make Father’s Day an entire day dedicated to spending time with the man who made so many sacrifices for you. Of course, you should find ways to honor him throughout the year, but on Father’s Day, it should be all about your dad.

    Orange County Mining Company can accommodate parties of any size for either the Champagne Brunch or dinner. You should call ahead for reservations for either event as we get booked up for this special day.

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    Special Events for Orange County Banquet Venues

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Some think that the fabulous Orange County reception venues available, such as Orange County Mining Company, are just for weddings. But, the fact is that these locales make wonderful choices for a variety of events. Leave much of the planning and work to the experts, so that you will just be able to enjoy the day with your guests.

    Company Party

    Choosing an Orange County reception venue for your next corporate party or event is a great choice, even for small businesses. Orange County Mining Company can accommodate parties of 25 to 120 in their banquet rooms.

    Anniversary Celebration

    Milestone anniversaries deserve to be celebrated in a big way. Often, children enjoy throwing a party for their parents when they reach 25 or more years of marriage. While a party at home is nice, show the couple just how special they are by holding the party at a reception venue in Orange County.

    Baby or Bridal Shower

    t is no doubt that a bridal or baby shower is a very special time in a woman’s life. Rather than finger sandwiches and a homemade cake, why not go big and hold the shower at one of the OC’s most memorable reception venues?

    Retirement Party

    A retirement party is another of those once-in-a-lifetime events that deserves a big celebration. The Orange County Mining Company can help you plan a party with the best food, drinks, music and décor. They even offer a fabulous view, which can help to make a retirement party even more memorable.

    Milestone Birthday Party

    Thanks to television shows such as MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, people are having more over-the-top birthday celebrations than ever before. While you might not be able to hire P-Diddy for your child’s birthday, holding the party at one of the OC’s beautiful reception venues can help make the birthday child feel like he or she is king or queen of the day.

    There are many reasons to choose one of the OC’s reception venues for your next special event. It really is pretty much one stop shopping. You will not have to run all over town searching for a caterer, location, linens and basic décor. All of that will be handled by the venue.

    Using such a location also helps make budgeting for the event much simpler. Instead of dealing with various vendors, you will just get one estimate and pay one bill.

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    Five Fun Reception Ideas

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Most of your wedding guests will have attended many wedding receptions in the past. If you want your special day to stand out, you will need to incorporate fun reception ideas that will make it memorable to your guests. Below are a few ideas to consider.

    Wedding Ring Hunt

    If you have children at your reception, you will want to find ways to keep them entertained. One fun idea is to have a wedding ring hunt. This activity is similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, but instead of eggs, they will be searching for large, plastic rings. The child who finds the most can win a small prize.

    Bouquet Giveaway

    Most brides simply toss the bouquet to a group of single women. If you want a way to give away the bouquet that is both unique and does not call to attention all of your single friends, consider a different take on this tradition.

    One bride gave her bouquet to the guest who had been married the longest. Another gave it to the woman who had traveled the longest distance to attend her wedding. One bride even made a game of it and selected a few couples to imitate the feeding each other cake tradition. The bridesmaids then voted on which couple did it in the most romantic manner and that couple received the bouquet.

    Video Montage

    Many couples show a video montage at their reception. They include pictures of the bride and groom through the years while sappy music plays in the background. While that is a nice idea, why not try something just a bit different?

    Make a video montage of the wedding planning process. Include bloopers from the rehearsal, all stages of the event including the engagement, searching for Orange County reception locations, the reaction of your wedding party when you asked them to be part of your big day and anything else you can think to include.

    Of course, this is a big project, so it is best to assign the task of shooting and editing the video to someone who is close enough to you that they will be present during many of the important moments and who also is somewhat skilled in this area.

    Groom’s Cake

    The inclusion of a groom’s cake is not so unusual. What can make this a fun addition to your reception is the type of groom’s cake that you choose. Think of something that highlights the groom’s personality or that is specific to a hobby that he loves.

    One bride had her groom’s classic car recreated in cake and icing. Another had the baker create a blackjack table complete with little fondant cards.

    The presentation of this cake is as important as the cake itself. If possible, keep it a surprise from the groom until the moment it is wheeled out. Instead of the just having the cake off in a corner, get everyone’s attention for the big reveal.

    Photo Opportunity

    In addition to your wedding photographer, consider hiring another photographer just to take portraits of your guests. Most wedding guests will be quite dressed up for the occasion, and this will allow any who wish to have a family portrait made.

    Many Orange County reception locations will offer a beautiful, natural backdrop for the portraits. Every time they look at their photo, they will remember your wedding.

    There are many ways to make your reception fun and unique. Use the above ideas to get started in looking for your own special touches to add to your special day.

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    Choosing Wedding Details that Showcase Your Personal Style

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, so it is no surprise that so much thought and planning goes into every detail of wedding planning. Some brides are happy to keep every aspect of their wedding fairly traditional, but others want to infuse details that make the day uniquely their own. This can be done through several details including the dress, the vows, the flowers and the Orange County wedding locations that you choose.

    The Attire

    The wedding dress is one of the most personal choices. There is, obviously, great potential for you to choose a dress that defines your own style, but many brides fall short of doing so. Often, the reason for this is trying to please family members who have always envisioned the bride in a certain type of wedding gown. Other brides try to choose a dress that conforms to the Orange County wedding locations that they have selected rather than one that conforms to their personal style.

    While the wedding and reception locations should be one consideration when choosing a dress, they should not be the deciding factor. Work with a bridal consultant who can help you find a dress that puts your style as the main attraction and the other considerations in a supporting role.

    The Location

    While the wedding dress will showcase the bride’s style, the venues you choose are a chance to highlight the taste and personalities of both bride and groom. Planning a wedding in the Orange County area provides many opportunities.

    Orange County wedding locations and Orange County reception locations are available to fit every imaginable taste and style. From the ultra formal to the extremely casual, and everything in between, the selected venue will become the backdrop for the entire event.

    Flowers, Or Not

    One bride simply did not want to carry flowers. Her family told her that she had to have a bouquet, and that all brides carried a bouquet down the aisle. But this bride was adamant. She didn’t feel like carrying a frilly bunch of flowers would be true to her personal style, so she instead placed a bow around the neck of her beloved teacup poodle and carried him down the aisle instead.

    Of course, some Orange County wedding locations might take exception to four-legged bouquet alternative, but there are plenty of other options besides flowers.

    Some brides have carried a favorite book, a photograph of a loved one who has passed away even a banner for a favorite sports team. This small detail is a great way to reflect the personal style of the bride.

    The Vows

    “Do you promise to love and to cherish…” so begin an example of traditional wedding vows. Today, more and more couples are leaving behind these customary vows for words that are much more personal.

    Many couples write their own wedding vows. These personally penned words of commitment run the gamut from the super sugary sweet to the downright hilarious. You do not have to get all teary eyed during the recitation of the vows in order to get married.

    If poking fun at the fact that you can throw a football farther than he can, or mentioning her inability to cook a turkey without the involvement of the local fire department is more your style, then your vows can reflect that. By the way, both of the aforementioned examples came from actual wedding vows.

    Some worry that their funny or quirky vows may not be appropriate in certain Orange County wedding locations. Talk to the person who will be conducting the ceremony to be sure, but in most cases only the most ultra conservative location would expect to have any input as to the wording of the wedding vows.

    It is your wedding, so find ways to make it decidedly your own.

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    A Mother’s Day Brunch

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Mother’s Day is a special day for all mothers. And everyone is looking for the best way to celebrate this day. It is the chance you have to make your mom feel extra special. One of the most popular ideas these days is to take Mom to a Mothers’ Day Brunch at a restaurant with a fantastic view of Orange County.

    The Orange County Mining Company is the perfect place to hold a Mother’s Day Brunch for two unique reasons:

    • The restaurant sits atop a hill and offers magnificent views of Orange County.
    • This year the OCMC is hosting a Mother’s Day Weekend Brunch. This means you will have two opportunities to celebrate this special day with your Mom:
    Saturday, May 11th – Champagne Brunch
    Sunday, May 12th – Champagne Brunch

    The great thing about celebrating Mothers’ day at the Orange County Mining Co is that you aren’t limited to celebrating Mother’s Day only on Sunday. The Saturday Brunch affords you the opportunity to beat the Sunday crowds and save some money, since the Saturday Champagne Brunch is less expensive than Sunday’s Champagne Brunch. You and Mom can enjoy brunch with a view and the children can have fun with the fix-your own ice cream sundaes.

    The well- prepared food, the exceptional décor, and the great view at this Orange County restaurant will surely make Mom feel extra special on her day.

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    Celebrate Easter with a Champagne Brunch in Orange County

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    In the Christian calendar, Easter is considered one of the most joyous celebrations. This is why most people choose to make a happy celebration out of this day. Parties and Easter egg hunting are some of the major highlights of course. But what better way to celebrate Easter than to book brunch in Orange County?

    Everybody knows how hectic it can be to prepare a good Easter brunch for family and friends. This is why the Orange County Mining Company (OCMC) goes the extra mile each year to put out a delicious champagne brunch at their classic banquet facility to help your Easter celebration be special and stress-free.

    One can expect all the traditional Easter favorites at this famous champagne brunch. Orange County Mining Co offers a diverse menu coupled with appetizing dishes. A special Miner’s filet and lobster is offered alongside their regular Easter dinner menu.
    What’s more, at the end of it, the party will still have enough energy left to go for the popular Easter egg hunt.

    What makes this champagne brunch special is the view you get with your meal and the very reasonable prices. The banquet facility is large enough to hold whatever party size you would like to have at your Easter Champagne Brunch in Orange County, so you will not be limited in space.

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    The Complete Package

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    The Orange County Mining Co. is famous among Orange County wedding locations for being the ideal ceremony and reception location. Weddings are undoubtedly a crucial part in our lives. And in as much as the exchange of vows and putting on the ring may be breathtaking, the vital part to most people is how appropriate the location is.

    This is why the Orange County company lays a heavy emphasis on giving you the best. With unique reception halls, classy reception views and top-notch reception catering, we will embed your mind with a perfect memory for your wedding. We also have a sensational staff that will ensure utmost service and sagacious security for you. It is also for this reason that we recommend early reservations to avoid last minute hiccups or inconveniences.

    The amenities of this Orange County wedding location do not, however, stop there; we also offer different banquet rooms and ceremony designs for you to choose from. This ensures a variable temperament for those looking for variety or a clear-cut feeling for those in need of something specific. Our fantastic view of Orange County also guarantees great photo backgrounds or just a place to relax.

    The cleanliness of our premises is also skillfully maintained so that you are comfortable during the entire event; which is our key concern. It is however, our affordable prices and reasonable meals that make us the best bargain you could ever get. And to sum this all up, we have a band and disc jockeys who will keep you on your feet -if need be- and give you real value for your money.

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    Get Real Value for Your Money

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Orange County Mining Co. is known as a great corporate event facility in Orange County. It is highly respected for its magnificent and uniquely designed rooms, affordable rates, aesthetic decorations, time-conscious services, sumptuous meals, splendid views of its richly surrounding environment and dignified service from the staff, which makes it an all-time number one choice for hosting events and business meetings.

    In addition, the facilities are highly accommodative for a variety of preferences, which makes it a target for not only celebrations, but also important corporate events.

    The corporate event facility in Orange County was stylishly-designed by blending the most current designs of our time, with the bona fide old west designs, giving you a perfect cocktailed feeling of authenticity! The restaurant is in fact professionally decorated with genuine artifacts from the 19th century, which represent the facility’s proud history.

    This nostalgic feeling is then enhanced with the inimitable arrangement of hills in the surrounding areas. Together with the rich vegetation, this facility offers you a veritable view of what real comfort feels like. In addition, for those looking for spacious rooms, we have different types of banquet rooms to give you all the space you require.

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    How to Choose a Wedding Reception Location in Orange County

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    For a wedding reception, Orange County offers unparalleled scenery, access to quality food and beautiful weather. With the large number of facility choices for your wedding reception, you might find it challenging to make a final decision.

    Here are some of the top features to look for when deciding on a wedding reception location among Orange County facilities:

    • Beautiful scenery or a breathtaking view
    • Versatile facilities that can accommodate large or small numbers
    • Access to great quality food preferably on site
    • Top notch planners who will work with your unique needs

    Orange County Mining Co. offers these features as a stand-out wedding reception location in Orange County. The reception location offers a unique panoramic view of Orange County for a scenic wedding reception experience. Orange County Mining Co. also offers the ability to have a wedding ceremony and reception at the same location. With on-site catering and delicious menu choices, there is no need to hire outside catering services. Orange County Mining Co. can make your wedding reception a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

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    Dining With A View in Orange County

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    Dining at an Orange County restaurant with a view can be a wonderful experience. The area has a history of being the home of fishing merchants and miners during the California Gold Rush. The area’s restaurants are well known for their seafood due to the proximity to the ocean. Because of the elevated landscape, there are a number of restaurants that offer dining with a view in Orange County.

    The top restaurants offer a combination of factors that make a dining experience memorable:

    • Beautiful scenery that covers a wide area
    • Delicious food with a number of menu choices
    • A relaxing romantic atmosphere that puts you at ease

    Orange County Mining Co. offers all of the above with a panoramic breathtaking view of Orange County. The restaurant also features nostalgic mining relics and decor that takes patrons back to the Old West. Menu items include fresh seafood, pasta, steak, and barbeque. We highly recommend Orange County Mining Co. because of its unique combination of great food, nostalgic decor, and extended view.

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    Orange County Wedding Locations

    September 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Blog |

    For couples looking for a unique and scenic wedding location, Orange County offers a variety of options.

    Orange County wedding locations are popular due to access to top quality catering, great weather, beautiful natural scenery, and versatile facilities.

    Many couples have enjoyed dreamlike weddings in Orange County, but not every facility is capable of taking advantage of the best that Orange County has to offer.

    There are so many choices for wedding locations that one can be easily overwhelmed. Orange County Mining Co. offers wedding services that are among the best in the area. Orange County Mining Co. has the facilities for a wedding reception and ceremony at the same location. The panoramic view of Orange County is an incredible background for photos. Decor is versatile for each wedding’s needs and the indoors wedding location offers a romantic and beautiful ceremony option.

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