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The Complete Package

September 19, 2012

The Orange County Mining Co. is famous among Orange County wedding locations for being the ideal ceremony and reception location. Weddings are undoubtedly a crucial part in our lives. And in as much as the exchange of vows and putting on the ring may be breathtaking, the vital part to most people is how appropriate the location is.

This is why the Orange County company lays a heavy emphasis on giving you the best. With unique reception halls, classy reception views and top-notch reception catering, we will embed your mind with a perfect memory for your wedding. We also have a sensational staff that will ensure utmost service and sagacious security for you. It is also for this reason that we recommend early reservations to avoid last minute hiccups or inconveniences.

The amenities of this Orange County wedding location do not, however, stop there; we also offer different banquet rooms and ceremony designs for you to choose from. This ensures a variable temperament for those looking for variety or a clear-cut feeling for those in need of something specific. Our fantastic view of Orange County also guarantees great photo backgrounds or just a place to relax.

The cleanliness of our premises is also skillfully maintained so that you are comfortable during the entire event; which is our key concern. It is however, our affordable prices and reasonable meals that make us the best bargain you could ever get. And to sum this all up, we have a band and disc jockeys who will keep you on your feet -if need be- and give you real value for your money.