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Get Real Value for Your Money

September 19, 2012

Orange County Mining Co. is known as a great corporate event facility in Orange County. It is highly respected for its magnificent and uniquely designed rooms, affordable rates, aesthetic decorations, time-conscious services, sumptuous meals, splendid views of its richly surrounding environment and dignified service from the staff, which makes it an all-time number one choice for hosting events and business meetings.

In addition, the facilities are highly accommodative for a variety of preferences, which makes it a target for not only celebrations, but also important corporate events.

The corporate event facility in Orange County was stylishly-designed by blending the most current designs of our time, with the bona fide old west designs, giving you a perfect cocktailed feeling of authenticity! The restaurant is in fact professionally decorated with genuine artifacts from the 19th century, which represent the facility’s proud history.

This nostalgic feeling is then enhanced with the inimitable arrangement of hills in the surrounding areas. Together with the rich vegetation, this facility offers you a veritable view of what real comfort feels like. In addition, for those looking for spacious rooms, we have different types of banquet rooms to give you all the space you require.