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Dining With A View in Orange County

September 19, 2012

Dining at an Orange County restaurant with a view can be a wonderful experience. The area has a history of being the home of fishing merchants and miners during the California Gold Rush. The area’s restaurants are well known for their seafood due to the proximity to the ocean. Because of the elevated landscape, there are a number of restaurants that offer dining with a view in Orange County.

The top restaurants offer a combination of factors that make a dining experience memorable:

• Beautiful scenery that covers a wide area
• Delicious food with a number of menu choices
• A relaxing romantic atmosphere that puts you at ease

Orange County Mining Co. offers all of the above with a panoramic breathtaking view of Orange County. The restaurant also features nostalgic mining relics and decor that takes patrons back to the Old West. Menu items include fresh seafood, pasta, steak, and barbeque. We highly recommend Orange County Mining Co. because of its unique combination of great food, nostalgic decor, and extended view.