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Corporate Events in Orange County

September 25, 2012

Holiday parties and other corporate events require a facility that is experienced in hosting large groups. While there are several corporate events facilities in Orange County, there are not many that have the experience of Orange County Mining Company.

Corporate events are not just for the holiday season. While a corporate party held during the months of November or December is a great way to thank your staff and/or clients and celebrate the holidays at the same time, there are many other reasons to gather throughout the year.

• Special training sessions
• Yearly award banquets
• Retirement celebrations
• Party for achieving certain milestones or goals
• Manager retreats

The above are just some of the many possible examples. When you choose to host any type of corporate event, one thing you’d like to avoid is creating a lot of extra work for you and your staff. That is why you must choose a corporate event facility in Orange County that has experience in this field.

Here are a few ways that an experienced facility can make your event a success.


What size room do you need? Bigger is not always better. If the room is too small for the number of people in attendance, you will feel crowded and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the room is too big, everyone may feel disconnected and the empty space can make the event feel cold and cavernous.

Staff that is experienced planning these events will know how to put you in a room that is the appropriate size for your event.


Food might not be the most important part of your corporate party or event, but it is certainly going to be near the top of the list. Experienced facilities, such as Orange County Mining Company, can help you to put together a menu that will meet the needs of your event AND keep you in budget.


The staff at the venue that you choose can truly make or break your event. The best customer service comes with experience, and our staff takes great pride in doing whatever required to meet the needs of each client.


An experienced event planner is going to know what extras that you might need – even before you ask. For example, if you are holding a training meeting, you will probably need a podium and, perhaps, an A/V setup.

When you choose an experienced facility, you don’t have to think of everything, because we will do that for you. A corporate holiday party or other event that is not well-organized can end up being a negative experience for your guests and that defeats the whole purpose of having one. Choose a corporate event facility in Orange County that has hosted hundreds of holiday parties, training seminars, awards banquets and other events.

Orange County Mining Company is the best choice in Orange County. Not only will you find an experienced staff, but fabulous menu options, great packages, and a lovely facility with gorgeous views. Call 714-997-7411 today so that we can help you get started in the planning of your next corporate event.