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Choosing Wedding Details that Showcase Your Personal Style

September 19, 2012

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life, so it is no surprise that so much thought and planning goes into every detail of wedding planning. Some brides are happy to keep every aspect of their wedding fairly traditional, but others want to infuse details that make the day uniquely their own. This can be done through several details including the dress, the vows, the flowers and the Orange County wedding locations that you choose.

The Attire

The wedding dress is one of the most personal choices. There is, obviously, great potential for you to choose a dress that defines your own style, but many brides fall short of doing so. Often, the reason for this is trying to please family members who have always envisioned the bride in a certain type of wedding gown. Other brides try to choose a dress that conforms to the Orange County wedding locations that they have selected rather than one that conforms to their personal style.

While the wedding and reception locations should be one consideration when choosing a dress, they should not be the deciding factor. Work with a bridal consultant who can help you find a dress that puts your style as the main attraction and the other considerations in a supporting role.

The Location

While the wedding dress will showcase the bride’s style, the venues you choose are a chance to highlight the taste and personalities of both bride and groom. Planning a wedding in the Orange County area provides many opportunities.

Orange County wedding locations and Orange County reception locations are available to fit every imaginable taste and style. From the ultra formal to the extremely casual, and everything in between, the selected venue will become the backdrop for the entire event.

Flowers, Or Not

One bride simply did not want to carry flowers. Her family told her that she had to have a bouquet, and that all brides carried a bouquet down the aisle. But this bride was adamant. She didn’t feel like carrying a frilly bunch of flowers would be true to her personal style, so she instead placed a bow around the neck of her beloved teacup poodle and carried him down the aisle instead.

Of course, some Orange County wedding locations might take exception to four-legged bouquet alternative, but there are plenty of other options besides flowers.

Some brides have carried a favorite book, a photograph of a loved one who has passed away even a banner for a favorite sports team. This small detail is a great way to reflect the personal style of the bride.

The Vows

“Do you promise to love and to cherish…” so begin an example of traditional wedding vows. Today, more and more couples are leaving behind these customary vows for words that are much more personal.

Many couples write their own wedding vows. These personally penned words of commitment run the gamut from the super sugary sweet to the downright hilarious. You do not have to get all teary eyed during the recitation of the vows in order to get married.

If poking fun at the fact that you can throw a football farther than he can, or mentioning her inability to cook a turkey without the involvement of the local fire department is more your style, then your vows can reflect that. By the way, both of the aforementioned examples came from actual wedding vows.

Some worry that their funny or quirky vows may not be appropriate in certain Orange County wedding locations. Talk to the person who will be conducting the ceremony to be sure, but in most cases only the most ultra conservative location would expect to have any input as to the wording of the wedding vows.

It is your wedding, so find ways to make it decidedly your own.