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Celebrate Easter with a Champagne Brunch in Orange County

September 19, 2012

In the Christian calendar, Easter is considered one of the most joyous celebrations. This is why most people choose to make a happy celebration out of this day. Parties and Easter egg hunting are some of the major highlights of course. But what better way to celebrate Easter than to book brunch in Orange County?

Everybody knows how hectic it can be to prepare a good Easter brunch for family and friends. This is why the Orange County Mining Company (OCMC) goes the extra mile each year to put out a delicious champagne brunch at their classic banquet facility to help your Easter celebration be special and stress-free.

One can expect all the traditional Easter favorites at this famous champagne brunch. Orange County Mining Co offers a diverse menu coupled with appetizing dishes. A special Miner’s filet and lobster is offered alongside their regular Easter dinner menu.
What’s more, at the end of it, the party will still have enough energy left to go for the popular Easter egg hunt.

What makes this champagne brunch special is the view you get with your meal and the very reasonable prices. The banquet facility is large enough to hold whatever party size you would like to have at your Easter Champagne Brunch in Orange County, so you will not be limited in space.