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Buying the Engagement Ring: Get The Inlaws in on the Search

September 25, 2012

Rule #5 for Buying the Engagement Ring: Consider Getting the Bride-to-Be (Or Future In-Laws) In On the Search

It’s a little non-traditional to get the woman to whom you will be proposing to help you pick out the ring but sometimes it can save your proverbial behind. If the lucky girl is open-minded and you’ve discussed getting married, suggest picking a ring out together as a symbol of your affection.

If she’s not or you haven’t, it’s time to get a little sneaky. Ask her mother, sister, cousin, or best friend what she would like. Chances are they’ve already discussed wedding and engagement rings at least once in the past. The key is to make sure that whoever you talk to can keep a secret.

If that’s not an option, you might pull a fast one by casually mentioning a ring you saw online, at a store, or in a catalogue and asking for an opinion—just don’t blow the surprise.

However you choose the ring, just keep in mind it really is just a ring. If the person to whom you’re popping the question really loves you, the ring won’t really matter. (Sometimes it is the thought that counts.)

And if you’re looking for the perfect venue for your reception or ceremony, keep the Orange County Mining Co. in mind — after all, we did help you pick out that engagement ring.

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