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Rehearsal Dinner – Tips for the Groom Part 2

September 25, 2012

Last month we talked about all the things the Groom should do at the Rehearsal Dinner. This month we’re sharing all the Don’ts. Even if you are not the one getting married, odds are you probably know someone who is, so don’t hesistate to share these two posts and earn the Groom points with his future bride!

1. Don’t spend all night talking to just one or two friends.

Not only is that defeating the purpose of the whole rehearsal dinner (to get to know each other and loosen up a bit before the big day) it won’t make a good impression with the in-laws or friends from the other side of the family.

2. Don’t imbibe too much.

A little “liquid courage” may be just the thing you need to get your toast out without stuttering but too much of the stuff will turn things messy fast. Try to limit yourself (even planning before the event) so you don’t end up offending anyone – remember, tensions run high right before a wedding.

3. Don’t expect your parents to pay for the whole thing.

Traditionally, it has been the groom’s parents who pay for the wedding dinner. But it’s acceptable to pick up the check yourself or even ask both sets of parents (or the parents and yourself) to split the cost.

4. Don’t overpay for a venue.

Some places will sell you on the décor and not the menu, service, or “feel” of the place and that usually results in a bill much larger than you’d want to pay. The key to planning the perfect event is finding an atmosphere everyone is comfortable in. Places like the Orange County Mining Co. offer exquisite ambiance at affordable prices. (P.S. the views from the Orange County Mining Co. are amazingly romantic — if you get what I’m getting at. You can even reserve the place for your wedding ceremony as well!)

5. Don’t worry . . . too much.

When you pick an excellent venue like the Orange County Mining Co. for your rehearsal dinner, you’ve already done half the heavy lifting right there. The dinner itself is a time for you to enjoy the company of your new family, cement relationships that will last a lifetime, and be yourself. Once the planning is done, just let yourself enjoy the moment.

There you have a quick and dirty list to keep in mind when planning your rehearsal diner. Don’t let the fact that the dinner has become an expected part of the wedding ceremony steal the fun out of it for you. And don’t worry about the toast – it’s not as hard as you might think.

If you’d like more information about booking the perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner, contact the helpful staff at the Orange County Mining Co. today. And keep in mind, whether or not you’ve planned your wedding ceremony there, the staff will help you pull off the perfect rehearsal dinner so you can score brownie points with your in-laws (and your bride-to-be).