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Holiday Proposals – How, When & Where?

September 23, 2012

For potential grooms who have the option of proposing in California, the possibilities are endless. Wondering where to propose in sunny California? How about on the shore as the sun breaks over the horizon and the sea lions warm themselves on nearby rocks? Perhaps you could take a hike near the mountains where the breathtaking view will provide an unforgettable backdrop as you pop the question.

In addition to the many wonderful outdoor locations in which to pop the questions, there are some other options as well. The restaurant at Orange County Mining Company boasts amazing views, which helps to up the romantic factor of the moment. Also, the staff at Orange County Mining Company will do whatever it takes to help ensure your proposal is extra special.

Of course, just as important as where to propose is when to propose. The holidays are a wonderful time to ask for your girl’s hand in marriage for a number of reasons. One is that there is a good chance that out of town family will already be gathered together. This gives you the chance to allow extended family to share in your happiness and to tell them the news in person.

Now for a reason that embraces male stereotypes: For forgetful guys, proposing over the holidays also makes it much less likely that you will forget the date of this important event.

Below are a couple of ideas for how to propose during the holidays.

Have Santa Pop the Question

This is a great idea for a setting such as a restaurant. Hire Santa to pop by the restaurant at an appointed time. Of course, your future bride will have no reason to think that Santa made a special trip just for her. As he approaches the table, Santa can hand the hopeful groom a ring box.

In Front of Family

Another fun way to propose in California is to do it at a family gathering. This gathering can be at a restaurant such as Orange County Mining Company, or simply around a holiday dinner at someone’s home. Proposing in front of family members is not the right choice for every couple, but some love the idea of including those that they love most in on the big moment.